organic shadow
wrong way


I saw a great T-shirt the other day. It had a picture of the earth from space with a lit fuse sticking out of it and the caption said “at least the war on the environment is going well”. Many a true word said in jest! I believe our present human civilisation is on a collision course with the finite resources of the world and something has to give! All I am sure of is that we should be saying to our governments and leaders - “wrong way, go back” – before it is too late.

The problems that beset us are many – peak oil, climate change, sovereign debt, oceans dying, loss of biodiversity, soaring human populations, hunger and famine in the developing world and an epidemic of social problems and unhappiness in the developed world. We are using scarce resources at a reckless rate, all in the name of progress and growth. I don’t think that what we are doing is progress – all we are creating is an environmental debt for our children to endure.

There is another way! First and foremost we need to realise that exponential growth cannot continue forever in a finite world. This is true for the world economy and also its human population. Secondly we need to work with the earth and nature instead of being at constant war with the environment. A great example of this is our industrial scale agriculture which uses diesel fuel and oil based pesticides and fertilizers to grow monocultures of food. This breeds super-weeds and plagues of insect pests, which then require more chemicals to control. This form of agriculture is not sustainable in the face of peak oil. Luckily you can work with nature to produce food. Today this is called “organic” farming but has been known for many thousands of years simply as “farming”!

My photography and writing is an outlet for me to express my love for the natural world and also the many good things that humans do on the earth, for example heritage architecture. Please feel free to contact me via my email address if you would like to discuss any issues further.

Rob Olver