Welcome to Dawn Till Dusk Publications

Rob Olver is an Australian landscape photographer and author. Rob was born in South Africa in 1968 and spent his formative years climbing mountains and going to game parks in that beautiful country. These experiences helped foster a life-long love of wildlife and the natural world. He moved to Australia in 1983, becoming an Australian citizen in 1988.

Rob was given a photographic book on the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa by his parents when he left that country and this inspired him to try photography. From his very first exposure he was “hooked” and since then has travelled extensively in Australia and around the world taking images. In 2011 he undertook a roadtrip around Australia in his Toyota Camry, bringing along three cameras, two tripods, water, food and a tiny tent. His stunning new photographic book “Australia Dawn Till Dusk” was the result. The 216 page hardcover book describes his physical and emotional journey as he travelled around the country, and contains more than 200 full colour images.

Together with his brother Stuart he has published six other books as well, including the bestseller “Dawn till Dusk in the Stirling and Porongurup Ranges”, “The South West from Dawn till Dusk” and “Mountain Country: Heritage Buildings in the Shires of Plantagenet and Cranbrook.” Rob runs Dawn till Dusk Publishing, a small independent publishing house dedicated to producing photographic and natural history books of quality and lasting value.

Rob uses a medium format Pentax 67II camera and a Nikon F70 35mm camera. He uses film (usually FujiFilm Velvia) for its incredible colours, vibrancy and depth. Rob also enjoys the challenge and excitement of film photography, where you have to trust your creative instincts. His images and words have been published in Australian Geographic and Landscope magazines and in newspapers, calendars and brochures.